Top Reasons Why Tree Removal May Be Necessary

Homes with trees in the yard are highly valued because of the numerous benefits that trees have to offer. Trees provides us with shade from the hot sun; they trap dust and other airborne dirt particulates that could have found their way into the home; they replenish the oxygen supply by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen; they offer wind resistance, especially in hurricane-prone areas; among several other important benefits. Therefore, one would beg the question, "Why would anyone need to cut down the trees on their residential property?" 

Tree care experts will tell you that tree removal is generally the last resort, but there are circumstances when it is best to bring down a tree instead of trying to save it. Here's a look at some of those circumstances. 

When trees pose a safety hazard

Surely, trees offer so many great benefits, but if they pose a threat to your safety and that of your family in any way, then it is advisable not to take any chances and cut them down. Trees that are located too close to your house, and seem to be dangerously leaning towards the house should be removed before they can end up falling on the house, for example. The same applies to weak trees that are located near the neighbours' property. 

When trees are crowding up

When too many trees are growing too close together, each tree stands a reduced chance of thriving as they should. The most practical thing to do in such situations is to sacrifice a few trees so that the remaining ones can grow healthy. Using their mastery of tree biology, tree care experts can help private property owners choose what trees need to go and which ones are worth saving.

When trees are occupying the land intended for a new structure

Private property owners reserve the right to utilise their land the way they like, provided they act within the confines of the law. If a residential property owner wants to build a new barn, carport, shed, or even make an extension to the main house on the land where the trees are standing, then they can be permitted to cut down the trees in readiness for the new development. 

When trees are diseased

Another reason as to why tree care experts might recommend that you cut down a tree is if it is dying due to disease and/or there is a high risk that the disease can spread to other healthy trees. It is better to remove one or a few diseased trees than to risk losing the healthy trees as well.