Tree Management: Reasons You May Require Professional Tree Services

Opting to plant trees on your property is great for additional shade as well as enhancing your kerb appeal. Nevertheless, some homeowners do not consider that they will require tree management services. Instead, they focus on nurturing the growth of the tree assuming that all their trees will require is nutrients and hydration. The reality is that there most likely will come a point when you require tree management for the health of your tree and the safety of your premises. Below are a few of the reasons why you may need these professional tree services.

Overgrown trees

Tree limbs will not grow in a uniform manner. Depending on the angle in which they receive sunlight as well as proximity to structures on your premises, you may find that some branches have become unruly. Not attending to these overgrown branches can lead to them rubbing against your property, which would lead to damage to the siding of your residence. In addition to this, if branches keep knocking against each other, their structural integrity becomes weakened. This makes them susceptible to breaking off spontaneously and could cause injury to anyone below the tree. Tree management services in the form of trimming will ensure that the branches are growing in the proper direction.

Dead tree limbs

Another reason you may need to hire a tree professional is if some of the branches begin to die off. There are a couple of reasons why this could happen. One of the most common is if the branches are not receiving adequate sunlight to aid in photosynthesis. Another reason would be if some branches are bearing the weight of other branches. Over time, this increased load will cause the branches to sag and even start to come away from the tree trunk. It would be prudent to hire an arborist who will cut off these branches before they become a potential hazard on your property.

Disease and pest infestations

Some people tend to assume that since trees are outdoors, pest infestations are unavoidable. The truth is that some pests can be extremely detrimental to the integrity of the tree. For instance, if termites begin to breed in your tree, it will only be a matter of time until the trunk becomes hollow, increasing the chances of the tree falling over. It should also be noted that a host of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases can also severely compromise the health of your tree, which would lead to inevitable tree removal.