Top Residential Tree Services You May Require

As much as trees are beneficial to your home as they improve your air and increase the value of the property, they still do have their own set of drawbacks. If not well taken care of, they can become a potential hazard while also become a breeding ground for various pests. This is why it is prudent to hire tree services on a routine basis to ensure the health of your tree. If you have recently moved onto a property that has one or more trees, below are a few of the different tree services that you may require.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming, also commonly referred to as pruning, is essential for the healthy development of your trees. There are a number of reasons why pruning services would be prudent. Firstly, trimming your tree is essential to maintaining both the shape and aesthetic appeal of the tree. Secondly, tree pruning functions to eliminate dead tree limbs before they fall off on their own. Thirdly, tree trimming will enhance the overall health of your tree, thus ensuring that it thrives throughout its lifespan. The best time to prune your tree would be during the spring, but you can hire these services all year round. It should be noted that DIY tree trimming is not advisable as you could end up compromising the health of your tree.

Tree lopping

Tree lopping essentially involves the trimming of your tree, but it is much more intensive. This type of service would be prudent if your tree requires some significant adjustment. For instance, if the tree has started to overgrow, posing the risk of branches causing structural damage to your home, you may need to enlist tree lopping services to make the tree smaller. Another form of tree lopping is by reducing the actual height of the tree. You may need to do this if the tree is becoming a hazard to phone and electricity lines. Nevertheless, not all trees are capable of withstanding tree lopping. This is why this procedure should be left to the professionals if you do not want to risk killing off your tree.

Tree removal

Tree removal is not only necessary if you are tired of having a tree on your premises. One little-known benefit of tree removal some people may not be aware of is to replant it at a new location, for example, if you are moving house. Other reasons why you may need to consider tree removal include a dying tree, a pest infested tree or a decaying tree.