Three DIY Ideas for Recycling Tree Stumps From Your Yard

When diseased or dead trees are removed from your yard, you are left with unsightly tree stumps that can devalue the appearance of your outdoor space. Tree stumps can hurt children as they play around them or damage your lawn mower if you accidentally hit one when mowing the lawn. It is important to pull them out if you want to have a beautiful and safe outdoor space. However, instead of having a tree service company haul away the unwanted tree stumps, you can keep them for several DIY projects in the home. Here you will learn some interesting ways of upcycling removed tree stumps in your home.

Make DIY outdoor stools

If you have several stumps from fallen trees, you can use them to make stools for outdoor use. These can make great seating for the patio or backyard. First, remove the bark from the stump and use a saw or any other cutting tool to level the top surface of the stump. Use a sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges and remove splinters. After preparing the surface, paint the stump using a colour of your choice. You can match the theme used for your outdoor furniture for a uniform look. Finish off with a coat of sealant to protect the wood from the elements and prevent the paint from peeling off.

Make stepping logs for the garden

If you don't have clear pathways in the garden, you can use tree stumps to create logs which can be used as stepping stones. Stepping stones not only protect your plants and flowers from being stepped on, but they can also act as beautiful landscaping features. Using a saw, cut the stump to create circular slices. Use a course sandpaper to get rid of the rough edges. Stain the pieces using a water-based stain product and apply a coat of finish. Lay the pieces in your garden to create a path of stepping stones.

Create stump planters

Stump planters can give your outdoor space a beautiful traditional look without having to incur the cost of purchasing flower pots or wooden boxes. Use a chisel to hollow out the stump, taking care not to break through the bottom side. Make a hole that's deep enough to accommodate the roots of your flowers and plants. Once the stump is ready, fill the hole with potting soil and plant your flowers in it. You can also add some manure or fertiliser as you would with other plants in the backyard.

If you need tree felling services, contact a tree removal company to cut the trees and remove the stumps, using the ideas above to recycle the removed stumps.