The Dangers of Tree Stumps: 5 Situations in Which Tree Stumps Can Become Hazardous to People (and Pets)

Unless tree stumps are used to enhance the beauty of an area, for example, as planters or even as quaint garden seats, they should be removed. An unsightly tree stump can lower the value of a property because not only is it ugly, but prospective buyers also know that they may have to one day fork out the money to have it removed.

But more than anything, tree stumps are dangerous and can cause serious accidents because they are often difficult to spot.

Here are just some of the situations in which a tree stump can be deadly and should be removed with stump grinding.

By Roadsides and on Footpaths

A tree stump that is in close proximity to a roadside or footpath can catch pedestrians by surprise. In 2015, an 85 year-old Kiwi tripped over a roadside stump, badly injuring his leg in the process. This illustrates the risk posed to pedestrians that simply wish to cross the road.

Footpaths and roadsides should be clear of such obstacles to provide pedestrians with a safe route. Children, the elderly, mothers with pushchairs and the blind are all at risk from stumps left by roadsides and on pavements.

In the Gardens of the Elderly

Gardens provide the elderly with a place where they can escape the confines of their home, to enjoy nature and even a spot of gardening. However, forgotten tree stumps can cause them to trip and fall, leading to serious injury. In the US, an older adult dies from a fall every 19 minutes.

If you spot a tree stump in an older relative's garden, arrange for to be removed as soon as possible.  

Inside Public Parks and Green Spaces

Stumps have no place in public spaces where children play, dogs run and the elderly take walks. Children and pets should be able to run freely without the risk of hidden stumps causing injuries.

In Backyards Where Children Play

If your backyard is a place where children play, you should remove any tree stumps that might lead to accidents. Toddlers need open spaces in which they can run freely. Any tree stumps hidden in the surrounding area are deadly to toddlers that love nothing more than to explore.

Hidden in the Gardens of Blind Dogs

Dogs that have lost their eyesight are also in danger from obstacles such as tree stumps. Elderly cats too are at risk. These sight impaired pets can no longer roam as they once did, so a backyard should become their safe haven within which they can roam safely.

The first thing you should do should your pet lose its sight, is to clear your backyard of tree stumps and any other hazards that may lead to accidents or collisions.

Report Hazardous Tree Stumps to Your Local Council

If you are outside and spot a tree stump that you fear might be hazardous, report it to your local council so that they can assess the risk, and have the stump removed. According to a study on the severity of auto crashes due to fixed roadside objects, roadside stumps, for example, not sealed off from the road by guardrails, pose a risk to motorists.

Hire an Arborist to Clear Tree Stumps from Your Property

Unless you plan to turn tree stumps on your own property into garden features like fairy homes or miniature chairs, you should have an arborist remove them. Otherwise, you might be inadvertently putting the lives of those you love in danger, and negatively impacting the value of your property.