2 situations in which it is worth removing a palm tree from your garden

There are a number of situations in which it is worth having a palm tree removalist cut down your palm tree. Carry on reading to discover more about these situations.

1. The palm tree bears coconuts that are creating a messy and dangerous environment in your garden

Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to keep a palm tree in your garden, if it produces coconuts. The reason for this is as follows; the coconuts that grow on the tree will fall to the ground after they ripen. Due to how bulky coconuts tend to be, having just a few of them strewn around your garden will make it look very messy.

Additionally, it will be almost impossible to permanently resolve this messiness, even if you periodically collect and dispose of the fallen coconuts, as just a few hours after you pick up the ones that have fallen, more will drop from the tree onto the ground.

This mess won't just make your garden look unsightly; it could also make your outdoor space quite hazardous to spend time in, as you and your family members could end up tripping over the fallen coconuts and sustaining injuries. Given this, if you want this area of your property to look tidy and be safe to spend time in, it might be best to ask a palm tree removalist to remove your tree.

2. You're concerned about the tree's fruit attracting rodents to your property

It may be necessary to have the palm tree in your garden removed if you are concerned about rodents invading your property. The reason for this is as follows; rats and other rodents have a very strong sense of smell and are always looking for new food sources.

As such, if you have a palm tree on your property, the sweet scent that the tree's ripe fruit emits after it has fallen from the tree and is strewn around your garden could end up catching the attention of any rodents that happen to be nearby. If the tree continually produces fruit for these rodents to eat, they may end up creating a new nest on your property.

This could create a dangerous and unpleasant situation for you and your family, as rodents are known to be carriers of many toxic pathogens. If this situation arises, you may have to pay a pest control company a lot of money to resolve the infestation. This is likely to be a lot more expensive (as well as more time-consuming and stressful) than having a tree removalist remove the tree now before any infestation has developed.