Crucial Questions to Ask a Landscape Tree Supplier before Buying a Shade Tree

Although an air conditioning system can get you through some of Australia's hottest days, you can't compare the experience to what you get from sitting under a shade tree in your backyard as an endless breeze blows past you. Since summers can get hot, you might consider adding a shade tree to your yard. However, with many shade tree species available to choose from, it is easy to buy the wrong one. Most importantly, it is crucial to engage a landscape tree supplier in a discussion to understand what type of shade tree meets your requirements. This write-up provides an expert guide to the fundamental questions to ask a landscape tree supplier before buying a shade tree.

How Much Mess? 

It is the nature of trees to shed leaves, and shade trees are not any different. Therefore, it is essential to ask your landscaping tree supplier how much shedding of leaves to expect from a particular tree species. The reason is that some shade trees shed all their leaves seasonally, thereby creating a mess. If you are often busy, then keep away from such trees. If you have the time to clean your backyard regularly, then, deciduous shade trees will make a great choice. Furthermore, deciduous shade trees turn into beautiful colours before autumn sets. If you can't handle leaves shedding then you should get evergreen shade trees such as the Cape Chestnut.

What Is the Mature Size of a Tree? 

The mature size of a tree is critical to deciding the type of shade tree to choose for your backyard. While some trees measure ten metres tall when mature, other trees can grow as tall as 20 meters. Therefore, knowing a shade tree's mature size is critical because it gives you an idea of how far the branches will span. For example, if you have a small backyard, you cannot get the Cape Chestnut tree because it will outgrow the space quickly. Consequently, any structures within your small yard, such as deck roofs or power lines, will be affected. Discussing your space needs with a tree supplier is a smart move.

What Is the Canopy Density? 

Shade trees vary depending on the type of leaves they bear. Some trees have broad leaves which give the tree a dense canopy. These types are best when you want to block the sun's rays from a shaded area completely. On the other hand, other trees such as pines and maples have narrow and scattered leaves respectively, which give them a less dense canopy that allows sunlight through. Importantly, you should consider how much sun you want your shade tree to allow.