4 Things You Should Know About Getting A Permit For Tree Removal

You will not always need to obtain a permit before removing a tree from your property. However, depending on the species of the tree in question, among other factors, getting a tree removal permit or certificate could be mandatory.

Here is a rundown of a few things that you need to know about tree removal permits.

1. Check With Your Local Authority

Find out from your local council about what tree categories, species and trunk sizes require a tree removal permit. You can then use this information to determine whether or not you need to apply for a permit. You will also find information on how to proceed with the permit application process if it turns out that you do indeed require one.

2. Get Help From The Experts

An experienced tree removal company that has no doubt helped other clients get a permit can make the permit application process smoother for you. The experts can prepare an arborist report and file any additional paperwork that may be required during the application.

It's always less of a hassle to leave the work to qualified and experienced professionals than to do it all by yourself.

3. An Inspection May Be On The Cards

During your application, you will be required to provide certain details about the specifics of the tree such as its species, trunk size, health and age, as well as your reasons for wanting to remove the tree. Before you are granted the tree removal permit, relevant officials from the council may conduct an on-site inspection.

The inspection will serve to verify the details you have already provided as well as collect any additional information that may be required.

4. It May Take Some Time

After lodging your application and paying the required application fee, it may take a few days before you hear back on whether or not your application has been approved. This should be enough time to carefully assess the facts and give an appropriate response.

If your application for tree removal certificate has been rejected, you can always appeal the decision. If, on the other hand, your application is approved, then you must ensure that you strictly follow all conditions given.

Going ahead and removing a tree without a permit where one is required amounts to an offence, and your actions will not be without repercussions. As mentioned, talk to a tree removal company for help on how to go about getting a permit.