Got Rot? How to Know When One of Your Trees is Rotting

A serious illness might have been developing for quite some time before any visible symptoms appear. This is true for humans and animals but is also accurate for any living thing—including the trees in your backyard. By the time you become aware that a tree is rotting, it may be too late to save the tree. But what are some clear indicators that one of your trees is slowly but surely rotting away? Read More 

Advantages of Lopping the Trees on Your Property

While you can leave the trees in your garden to fend for themselves, that's not always the best course of action. Looking after them with selected lopping offers a range of advantages, as explained below. More Stable Trees Sometimes branches can grow unevenly enough to unbalance a tree and threaten its stability. In these situations, branches can be cut to balance the overall structure. A balanced tree will better withstand extreme weather events without splintering or splitting during gale-force winds. Read More