Has Your Tree Developed A Fungal Infection?

Trees may be resilient plants, but by no means does this mean they are immune to structural problems. Physical impairment of your tree can be quite critical, as if it is not addressed, you stand a high risk of property loss. Additionally, any spontaneous breakage of tree limbs could also put bystanders at risk of trauma. Therefore, although having a tree in your yard can be great for your kerb appeal, it would also be imperative to know how to spot the signs of one that needs to be removed. Read More 

Why Stump Grinding Is an Essential Service to Invest In

It is not uncommon to find homeowners who have cut down a tree on their property on their own leaving behind the stump. Typically, this is because the stump is firmly attached to the ground with an intricate root system, which would make it hard to uproot using amateur techniques. On the other hand, some homeowners may hire professional tree removal services but opt out stump grinding as they assume it would be a great way to save on costs. Read More 

Discerning That Your Trees Require Professional Attention

Undoubtedly, healthy trees can significantly boost the kerb appeal of your home. Nevertheless, as your tree ages and as other factors such as storm damage or erratic weather changes affect your tree, your tree can start to decline. When this happens, a mistake some people make is overlooking the symptoms, under the assumption that the tree will recover on its own. In reality, while trees are quite resilient, they do need some help to stay in good condition. Read More 

The Dangers of Tree Stumps: 5 Situations in Which Tree Stumps Can Become Hazardous to People (and Pets)

Unless tree stumps are used to enhance the beauty of an area, for example, as planters or even as quaint garden seats, they should be removed. An unsightly tree stump can lower the value of a property because not only is it ugly, but prospective buyers also know that they may have to one day fork out the money to have it removed. But more than anything, tree stumps are dangerous and can cause serious accidents because they are often difficult to spot. Read More 

When Tree’s a Crowd: 3 Reasons You May Regret Planting Your Fruit Trees Too Close Together

Growing your own fruit trees in your back yard means that you have access to all your favourite fruits, and also have a say in how they look and taste. If done right, you could be feasting on your own rich jams, wines, ciders and pies. However, when space is limited, those new to fruit tree harvesting can be tempted to cram their trees into a small area in an effort to get the most out of them. Read More