Tree Management: Reasons You May Require Professional Tree Services

Opting to plant trees on your property is great for additional shade as well as enhancing your kerb appeal. Nevertheless, some homeowners do not consider that they will require tree management services. Instead, they focus on nurturing the growth of the tree assuming that all their trees will require is nutrients and hydration. The reality is that there most likely will come a point when you require tree management for the health of your tree and the safety of your premises. Read More 

What’s Tree Lopping and When Is It Needed?

Caring for a tree involves a lot of different methods, particularly with older specimens that may start to grow in hazardous or undesirable ways. A lot of these methods revolve around removing parts of the tree, in one form or another, which leads to a lot of confusion as to what distinguishes different procedures. Lopping is one such procedure, easily confused with other tree management techniques, but what distinguishes it? And how do you tell if your tree needs to be lopped or have something else done to it instead? Read More 

Top Reasons Why Tree Removal May Be Necessary

Homes with trees in the yard are highly valued because of the numerous benefits that trees have to offer. Trees provides us with shade from the hot sun; they trap dust and other airborne dirt particulates that could have found their way into the home; they replenish the oxygen supply by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen; they offer wind resistance, especially in hurricane-prone areas; among several other important benefits. Read More 

Keeping Yourself Safe When You Trim Your Own Trees

Tree trimming may be more difficult and pose more dangers than many homeowners realize, and it's not always a job you should try on your own. If you do want to tackle this work, note a few tips that can keep you safe while lopping trees on your property. Avoid conductive materials around wires Conductive materials are those that would conduct electricity, such as a metal ladder or pole trimmer. You want to avoid using these around any power line, remembering that those lines can fall when just tapped by a tree branch; your long-handled tool or ladder can also cut into those lines very easily. Read More