Two steps you should take before setting up a vegetable patch

If you'll be setting up a vegetable patch in your garden, you should take these two steps before you start this process. Remove the trees near the area where the vegetable patch will be located If the part of your land where you'll be setting up the vegetable patch has trees around it, you may want to reach out to someone in your area who provides tree removal services and arrange for them to take these trees down. Read More 

4 Things You Should Know About Getting A Permit For Tree Removal

You will not always need to obtain a permit before removing a tree from your property. However, depending on the species of the tree in question, among other factors, getting a tree removal permit or certificate could be mandatory. Here is a rundown of a few things that you need to know about tree removal permits. 1. Check With Your Local Authority Find out from your local council about what tree categories, species and trunk sizes require a tree removal permit. Read More 

Crucial Questions to Ask a Landscape Tree Supplier before Buying a Shade Tree

Although an air conditioning system can get you through some of Australia's hottest days, you can't compare the experience to what you get from sitting under a shade tree in your backyard as an endless breeze blows past you. Since summers can get hot, you might consider adding a shade tree to your yard. However, with many shade tree species available to choose from, it is easy to buy the wrong one. Read More